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What is Nursing ACE?

The Advanced Choice of Employment (ACE) programme facilitates the application and recruitment process for new graduate nurses applying for a position on a New Entry to Practice (NETP) or Nurse Entry to Specialist Practice (NESP) programme. ACE coordinates this process on behalf of employers for positions within any of the Districts across New Zealand and Southern Cross Hospitals.

Since its inception, ACE has assisted thousands of new graduates to obtain a NETP or NESP position with employers across New Zealand. Applying via ACE is the only way to apply for a position on a funded NETP or NESP position across New Zealand.

Don't forget that in addition to the 20 Districts, Southern Cross Hospitals are also an agreed employer and will recruit to fill NETP positions via Nursing ACE. Applicants will therefore have the opportunity to preference up to three of Southern Cross Hospital's five regions as part of their application (for more information check out the FAQ section of the ACE website).

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