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Organisations within the health sector are some of the largest employers in New Zealand with opportunities across a number of health disciplines.  If you are already in New Zealand or currently overseas and thinking about moving here, you will be joining a progressive healthcare system that strives to improve, promote and protect the health of over 4 million New Zealanders.

At Kiwi Health Jobs we focus on bringing you the very best healthcare jobs, all in one place.  The employers who advertise on Kiwi Health Jobs have roles for experienced health clinicians, trainee and graduate roles and a number of non-clinical opportunities.  Whether you are a house officer, midwife, psychiatrist or IT professional, Kiwi Health Jobs has vacancies to suit your skills, qualifications and experience.

We are looking for a diverse range of skilled professionals.  For a brief description of these positions on Kiwi Health Jobs read more below.

This section provides an overview of the types of roles advertised on Kiwi Health Jobs. From medical jobs to non-clinical roles throughout New Zealand, we have it covered.

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Clinical Jobs

  • Allied Health show jobs

    Allied Health professionals contribute to the assessment, care and treatment of all new Zealanders. The following professions fall under Allied Health: Audiologist, Audiologist Assistants, Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Orthoptist, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Play Specialist, Podiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Speech Language Therapist/Speech Pathologist, VNT (Visisting Neurodevelopmental Therapist).

  • Community/Public Health show jobs

    A diverse range of roles that fall under Community/Public Health; Ambulance Officer/Paramedic, Consumer Advisor, Drinking Water Assessors, Health Promotion, Health Protection Officer, Maori Advisor, Maori Health Worker, Needs Assessor, Pacific Health Worker, Service Coordination, Smoking Cessation Advisors.

  • Dental show jobs

    Dental Assistant, Dental Therapist and Dentist positions are available depending upon your skills and qualifications.

  • Healthcare Assistant show jobs

    Responsible for non nursing duties related to the maintenance of a safe environment conducive to the delivery of quality patient care. Works in conjunction with the health care team to meet the needs of the patient and family.

  • House Officer show jobs

    The term 'RMO' is used to cover both 'House Officer' and 'Registrar'. In other parts of the world, 'RMO' equates to terms such as 'Junior Doctor' and 'JMO'. A House Officer is a junior doctor or dentist in the first two years following graduation from medical school. The term Senior House Officer, refers to a House Officer in the third year following graduation, and is generally not used here.

  • Mental Health show jobs

    Responsible for a full range of mental health and addiction services, from crisis, acute inpatient care, intensive psychiatric care, services for the elderly, psychology, alcohol and drug and also specialist services for children and young people, including early intervention, personality disorder and maternal mental health.

  • Midwifery show jobs

    Midwives provide care and support to women during pregnancy, labour and birth. Roles within the community, KYM/Domino and hospital.

  • Nursing show jobs

    Registered Nurses utilise nursing knowledge and complex nursing judgement to assess health needs and provide care, and to advise and support people to manage their health.

  • Registrar show jobs

    A Registrar is a junior doctor who has completed at least two years following graduation and may or may not have entered advanced training.

  • Research show jobs

    The initiation of clinical trials within various departments.

  • Senior Medical Officers, Medical Officers and Fellows show jobs

    Once completing their training a doctor would work in the area they have specialised.

  • Technical show jobs

    Specialist technicians maintain and use complex mechanical and electronic medical equipment such as xray and other imaging equipment. Some may also make, modify or repair specialised clinical accessories, surgical instruments and surgical implants. Some technicians are do "on the job" training and formal study.

Non Clinical Jobs

  • Administration show jobs

    By providing an important support role to management and staff this function allows clinical staff and management to get on with what they do best. Roles in this area can range from a Ward Clerk in a hospital to a Personal Assistant role for a General Manager of a hospital.

  • Analysts show jobs

    Analysts provide a variety of functions, which may include information and analytical support, data extraction, forecasting and reporting.

  • Blood Donor Recruitment/Sales show jobs

    Blood Donor Recruiters are the team of sales people who are responsible for the recruitment and retention of volunteer blood donors. They work to ensure collection requirements are achieved and the blood donor database is sufficient to meet clinical demand for blood and blood products.

  • Cleaning Services show jobs

    To keep facilities in top condition, cleaning services work across a variety of locations including hospitals and offices.

  • Change Management show jobs

    Providing sound management to teams/services/organisations where there is transitioning or change from a current state to a desired future state.

  • Communications and Marketing show jobs

    Responsible for the creation and execution of branding and marketing, while ensuring the consistency of messages in the organisations are developed to the various stakeholder groups.

  • Coordinator show jobs

    Responsible for coordinating a diverse range of services, teams and functions.

  • Facilities Management show jobs

    To keep our hospitals functioning we employ trades people such as Electricians, Plumbers, Painters and Carpenters. Our sites cover large grounds and require the skills of gardeners to keep them looking good.

  • Finance/Accounting show jobs

    Responsible for the management of financial risks to meet the government’s expectation of financial performance. Teams provide advice on all financial matters, reporting and monitoring of financial performance.

  • Food Services show jobs

    Providing a variety of services within hospitals and other sites, related to the planning, preparation, cooking and serving of food.

  • Funding and Planning show jobs

    Analyse and understand the health needs of the population and ensure equitable acceptable and effective spending of health funds.

  • Hauora Maori Support Workers show jobs

    Providing cultural support and assisting in the development and enhancement of culturally responsive services.

  • Health & Clinical Support Workers show jobs

    Support workers assist different services and may include help with personal support, meals, carer support and day programmes.

  • Human Resources show jobs

    Supporting and advising management on employment relations, health and safety, workforce strategy, recruitment and human resource management.

  • Information Technology show jobs

    A variety of functions including the support of computer programs, IT training, projects support, purchasing IT, service desk, and procurement advice.

  • Legal show jobs

    Providing a range of legal advice to ensure current legislature is met.

  • Management show jobs

    There is a wide range of management and supervisory roles to support the various services and departments. All managers will have had considerable work experience before gaining their managerial status. Some roles may also require a clinical background. Managers must work together in a financially responsible manner and in the best interests of their organisation.

  • Orderly Services show jobs

    Assist with transporting patients, medical equipment and supplies, mail etc to and from wards and departments in hospitals.

  • Photography show jobs

    Medical photography and imagery within a hospital setting.

  • Procurement show jobs

    Responsible for the procurement of clinical and non-clinical good, services and assets.

  • Project Manager show jobs

    Managing projects across various services depending on skills and experience.

  • Quality and Risk show jobs

    Ensuring various departments or services are meeting certification and accreditation standards; improving projects across the business.

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